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A parlay is a combination of 2-8 teams (2-10 teams online). If any team is cancelled or ties, the parlay is reduced, (i.e. 4 teams becomes 3 teams etc.). If any team loses, the play is lost all together. Maximum payout for any parlay is 1500:1 regardless of the result amount the parlay may compute to or show.

Parlay Odds
2 Teams Pay 13/5 7 Teams Pay 60/1
3 Teams Pay 6/1 8 Teams Pay 100/1
4 Teams Pay 12/1 9 Teams Pay 200/1
5 Teams Pay 25/1 10 Teams Pay 400/1
6 Teams Pay 40/1  

In the event of "no action" or a tie, the parlay is reduced to the next lowest number of plays. A two-team parlay becomes a straight bet with a pay off of 10/9.

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